is a trio of musicians from Miami that play an eclectic mix of musical styles including, World Music, Rock, Reggae, Folk, & Avant Garde.

Here is a very short excerpt of Yahlé by Sean Dibble & Buffalo Brown, performed live at Luna Star Cafe, from March 2017.

Periphyton Band Blog

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      Periphyton is a Miami based band that is named after a community of organisms (including algae, fungi, microbes, and bacteria that combine with decaying plant matter to create a complex interconnected “mat”) that is found throughout the freshwater marl prairies of the Everglades.

      Periphyton (the band) draws upon many different influences to create an eclectic assortment of music. Their repertoire includes original compositions that hint at elements of exotic music genres from different parts of the world, (Spanish, Arabic, West African, Indian, Caribbean, etc.) as well as, traditional American folk, and even some experimental avant-garde music. Occasionally, they will take popular songs and interpret them in their own unique way as well.

      The band is a trio that includes – Miami guitar legend Buffalo Brown, (Elastic Bond, Maryel Epps, & Cog Nomen, just to name a few) on acoustic guitar and vocals. Misty Grotto, an award winning singer-songwriter/multi instrumentalist from Chicago plays acoustic, electric, and lap steel guitars, plus vocals, sitar, harp, and percussion. Sean Dibble (Rhythm Flow, New World School of the Arts  accompanist) holds down the groove on percussion and vocals. They can fill the dance floor with their exciting energetic grooves, or they can play delicate beautiful music that can calm the most frazzled of nerves. They always leave their audiences musically satisfied and wanting more.
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